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Hello, we are Simon & Ngat of Travel Agent Hanoi. While Vietnams borders are still closed during the current covid-19 pandemic. Why not visit Vietnam from your own home! We can inspire you to keep Vietnam in your thoughts for when you can travel again!

Simon (sometimes Ngat and Will Minh too) will travel around this wonderful country to show you the very best Vietnam has to offer! He will travel by bus, train, boat, kayak, bicycle, motorbike, car and on foot!

He will visit new and old unique and popular beautiful destinations which will either bring back fond memories (if you have visited Vietnam before) or will inspire you to travel here once the pandemic is under control!

They also live in a rural village in the Vietnamese countryside. We will bring you unique insights in to the daily lives of local Vietnamese people in a rural village. 

Sit back & travel with Simon & dream of where you will be when the pandemic is over.

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As part of my 50th birthday celebration, we decided to visit Phu Quoc as a family from north Vietnam to South Vietnam and the stunning islands. Follow us on our journey as we explore this amazing Phu Quoc Island and visit some of the best destinations, sample the best seafood & travel using the most exciting transport.

Today I set out on a journey to the south part of Phu Quoc island by motorbike. As part of a four part series I will out this Phu Quuoc prison named coconut Prison. This prison shows how terrible the guards were and I show you some cruel torture methods used on prisoners during the Vietnam conflicts.

Tonight, my family and I head on down to Night Market street in Phu Quoc town Duong Dong. Here we walk through the street checking out all that is available to us. Finishing off with an amazing seafood dinner you will be just licking your lips at. Join us as we enjoy seafood and desserts at Phu Quoc Market.

Today we took a family trip to see the first and original Phu Quoc Bee Farm near our resort on Phu Quoc Island. With a lovely guide showing us round, we learned a lot about bees in this wonderful bee farm setting on Phu Quoc. Join us for a honey shopping spree afterwards too.

Today we set off on our journey from north Vietnam and our countryside village home to the airport to head off on our 50th birthday celebration trip. Join us on our journey and see how to get from Hanoi to Phu Quoc by air.

We arrive at our beach resort and I show you around the delights this beach front resort on Phu Quoc Island has to offer. Join me as I walk around the grounds and show you the room and activities on offer at the beach, you will be surprised!

Oh my are you in for a treat today. I take you around two amazing buffet meals at the resort here on Phu Quoc Island. With a French chef at the helm, you’re going to be delighted at how amazing this food looks & tastes! Follow Simon and his family as they explore!


Simon is an expat living in Vietnam and not just in a major city like other expat vloggers or bloggers in Vietnam. But an expat living in a truly local Vietnamese countryside village. Follow along with Simon as he explores daily life in his Vietnam village & countryside. From rice farming, fishing, rivers & village markets to celebrations and TET (Lunar New Year extravaganzas), enjoy watching life in Vietnam as an expat.

Today I venture out on my bicycle and travel around the beautiful Vietnamese countryside. This time I ride along the river banks and explore a whole new different life of the local Vietnamese people. Sit back and enjoy my ride as I come across a big surprise on the other side!

It was time to get my motorcycle repaired at the local repair garage and so on I trundle not sure what to expect. Well, I wasn’t disappointed…wow!

See how motorcycles are repaired in Vietnam and how much it costs too! You will be shocked!

My regular walk out with our beloved Ginger usually brings something different to see around the rice fields. Today I bumped in to a fisherman and also a problem in the rice fields! It was time to get down and dirty for the Vietnamese rice farmers to save their crops!

Growing rice in the Vietnamese rice fields is quite a task. So I took a walk out to our very own rice field and decided to help my sister in law plant the seeds. Check out how I did by watching another episode of Vietnam Village Life.

Living in Vietnam springs up some amazing experiences, one no more so than today. In Vietnam, birthdays are not celebrated so much as death days, marking an anniversary of loved ones who have passed away many, many years ago! 

Living in the Vietnamese countryside has its perks and sometimes you are invited to a local wedding. Today I get chance to go behind the scenes of a Vietnamese wedding and see how its done at home. Join Simon as he also hows you how rice grows so fast!

I took my son and his cousin for a walk around our Vietnamese village on this day. Exploring the small alleyways and paths within our small village. Talking to local Vietnamese people and even getting a haircut at the local barbers. Follow along and enjoy exploring a true Vietnamese village with no tourists!

With a walk through the Vietnamese village and then boarding at his local river. Simon takes you on stunning ride on his kayak along calm waters by his local Vietnamese village. Explore Vietnam in a kayak with Simon as he gives tips on Vietnam & when you can visit Vietnam again after the pandemic has passed.  Enjoy the ride!

Today marks the first day of the rice season and Simon will fllow the rice farers thrghout the year filming their work and progress. Follow aong with Simo and see exactly ho rice is grown in Vietnam. From dredging the fields, planting the seeds, maintaining the rice plants and to harvest. Enjoy the experience and see how it is done in Vietnam.

Today was part of our preparation for TET holiday. We were to buy a kumquat tree from the local town. TET trees are in every Vietnamese household and. most businesses al around Vietnam. It signifies the generations of the family to mark the celebration of TET holidays for the Vietnamese. Follow along as we choose the best one!

Today marks the 23rd lunar day of December and a very Important date in any Vietnamese families year. The Kitchen god will report to hi boss to tell him wether the Vietnamese family have been good or bad. This ceremony marks this long tradition in every Vietnamese household. From burning and releasing fish, this is a remarkable day & performed by Simon.

Lunar New Year or TET as they say in Vietnam, is a very special time of year for all Vietnamese families. Usually involving a visit to the local pagoda to pray to the gods and a celebration of food and drink at midnight. The responsibility of first foot laid with Simon for TET 2021  & one which is tradition in his own country of the UK.


Here at Travel Agent Hanoi we would like to deliver you up to date Vietnam travel news. Whether its news of new services or tours. A new transport route or big event. Or it maybe even be funny or quirky news. We will offer you a concise look at the news from Vietnam.

We also show you up to date stats on the covid-19 crisis here in Vietnam.

We will also keep you up to date on news of travel to Vietnam again once the borders reopen.

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Starting our new series of Hanoi Street Food we begin with a delightful & fresh Vietnamese breakfast dish in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter. Join Simon as he tastes this amazing dish made from rice noodles but with an added twist to normal Banh Cuon in Hanoi.

The biggest Hanoi street food ever performed in Vietnam wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a Bun Cha. This unique place is where President Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain shared a Bun Cha meal together with a good old Hanoi Beer to wash it down.

Today I carried on with the biggest Vietnam Street Food Tour with a tasty little snack on the streets of hanoi. Possibly my most favourite Hanoi Street Food snack in all Vietnam, especially if it has a cheeky quails egg inside. Enjoy!


Join Simon as he explores how they celebrate Xmas in Hanoi. With huge Christmas trees and colourful lights, a Xmas street dedicated to Xmas & a whole lot of festivity.

Enjoy a New Years Eve in Hanoi 2020 to mark the turning of a new year in Vietnam. Watch the party goers pack Hoan Kiem Lake to await the finale of the first firework display in Hanoi since 2016! 

Enjoy a walk around the Old Quarter of Hanoi with Simon as he explores the Hanoi New Years Eve party scene. Explore the streets of Hanoi and witness local Vietnamese enjoying their night out in Hanoi.


Today I guide you through the e-visa for Vietnam process step by step. This is the only genuine way to apply for an e-visa to Vietnam. Do not be fooled in to booking with agencies in the UK or anywhere else. This is the official government application process with no agency or fees involved. Must watch before you travel to Vietnam!

New country, language and currency, the usual sticking points to ensuring a smooth transition once arriving on your holiday. Here, Simon will go through each individual note of the Vietnamese currency and explain its worth & what you can buy! Don’t leave for Vietnam without watching this first, it WILL save you money!

Today, Ngat will go through the basic phrases needed for your first holiday to Vietnam. From the basic hello and goodbye, to asking for directions & ordering food at a restaurant. This is your first lesson in the Vietnamese language! Don’t get caught out ordering something you will regret! Must watch before you travel, this could save you embarrassment!


Today I embarked on a monumental task of climbing 1000 steps to visit the best cave in Mai Chau. After a 3km walk, the pathway leading upwards was presented to me and boy, this cave had better be worth it & it certainly was. With nature all around you on the climb up and a superb cave at the peak, this is a definite must for anyone visiting Mai Chau during their Vietnam holiday.

Once I had finished at the 1000 step cave and checked out of my Mai Chau Homestay. I headed out of Mai Chau an to the next part of my adventure on the Mai Chau, Pu Luong tour of 2020. The road to Pu Luong is gorgeous, simple as that. With winding roads, stunning scenery, local villages, stilt houses and friendly people. This is one short road trip you should try if visiting north Vietnam.

After the great road trip from Mai Chau to Pu Luong, I arrived at my next accommodation which was the Pu Luong Eco Garden. A beautiful resort perched overlooking the valleys, mountain range and rice terraces. With infinity pool, deluxe rooms with balconies to take advantage of the epic views. Along with nice gardens & beautiful setting. If you’re travelling on a Pu Luong tour, this is the place to stay!

Today I embarked on an amazing road trip which would include Mai Chau & Pu Luong. Starting from my home in the Vietnam countryside, I headed to Mai Chau and in to the mountains and valleys with spectacular scenery all around. This is a great road trip to Mai Chau and one you should include in your Vietnam itinerary with Travel Agent Hanoi!

After my road trip to Mai Chau, I checked in to my delightful Little Mai Chau Homestay. With glorious views out to the rice fields and mountains in the distance, this was a great start to my Mai Chau adventure. I booked a private ensuite cabin with a thatched roof and balcony looking out to spectacular views. Check this budget friendly homestay now!

After checking in at my Mai Chau homestay I grabbed a free bicycle on offer and headed out in to the local villages and around the rice fields. What an experience this truly is. Meeting locals and watching them harvest their rice fields is amazing. if you want to get up close to see real Vietnam, this is definitely the video to watch!


The only complete walkthrough of Bai Dinh Pagoda in Ninh Binh Vietnam. A complete look at everything there is to offer in the largest Buddha complex in South East Asia. Join Simon as he walks the longest Arhat corridor in Asia and climbs the Stupa to get the best views over the Bai Dinh Pagoda complex. 

Next up from our Ninh Binh 2020 series is a stunning scenic rowing boat experience at the best UNESCO site in North Vietnam. Rowing through the peaceful everglades & caves with nature all around, limestone karsts and local fishermen. This is one trip you should not miss!

Ride along with Simon and his motorcycle around gorgeous Ninh Binh. With stunning views on every turn, you would be forgiven for stopping so many times to take photos.
This is the best scenic road trip in Ninh Binh and you can watch it here and now!

Join Simon as he climbs the 500 steps of Hang Mua (Mua Caves) to reach the most spectacular view in all of Ninh Binh. With views out to Ninh Binh city one way and a glorious view of Tam Coc National Park & to the rowing boat canal you will see in our Tam Coc riverboat ride the other. This is one climb not to miss. 

Take a rowing boat ride through this wonderful scenic Tam Coc National Park. Enjoy a cave boat ride through some amazing sights.
Join Simon on his private Tam Coc Cave ride and explore the beauty within Tam Coc & its surrounds.


Taking a public bus into Hanoi need not be such a stressful journey. An easy 2 hours by bus in to the capital Hanoi City & dropped off at a bus station close to Hanoi Old Quarter. Join Simon on his epic journey to North Vietnam starting with a public bus ride in to Hanoi

Hanoi is usually a hive of activity from street food vendors, cyclos & tourists walking in and out of the narrow streets of the Old Quarter. Today though, in August 2020 during covid-19, it is a very different story. Check out what Hanoi is like during the covid-19 pandemic & you’ll be heartbroken!

Travelling from Hanoi to Sapa by limousine bus is probably the best, most comfortable & easiest way to travel. With a door to door service you can be picked up and dropped off at your hotels in style. A 6 hour journey from Hanoi to Sapa town is a far better & scenic way to get from Hanoi to Sapa.

Sapa Town is usually a hot bed of activity from thousands of tourists walking the streets. Hmong ladies vying for employment by taking tourists trekking or selling their traditionally made clothes. Today though, during the covid-19 pandemic, Sapa Town is a ghost Town! Check out how ghostly Sapa Town has become below!

A perfect afternoons activity when you arrive in Sapa town from Hanoi by bus. Take a stroll along to Ham Rong mountain and climb to its peak and see stunning views over Sapa Town and Mount Fansipan! On a good day the views are unbelievable, as they were today…AND I was the only one up there!!

The epic journey begins. A minority village trek over three days starts in Sapa Town and heads through uncharted trails. Join Simon and his private Red Dao tour guide as they hike through rice fields, bamboo forests, up mountains and through valleys. You will NOT want to miss this!

Day two of this epic adventure with Simon hiking through the least touristy parts of Sapas minority villages. Today has it all from rice terraces, crossing rapids and finished off with a stunning home cooked dinner at a Red Dao minority home. Taste buds will be ablaze! 

The final day of our three day trek through the minority villages of Sapa. Today was an adventure to top it all. Landslides, motorbike rides, bogs, climbing rice terraces and dodgy bamboo bridges! Don’t miss the final installment of our epic journey to Sapa. Don’t miss it – subscribe today!

After an enthralling adventure trekking through Sapa. It was then time to travel to Bac Ha by public bus. I took the public bus from Sapa to Bac Ha and the journey was quite surprisingly beautiful. Pass through mountains overlooking the vast valleys. This is one journey you should not miss!

Just a short distance of 18km north of Bac Ha is the lesser known and least touristy of the local markets. Can Cau Saturday market is just as charming as Bac Ha Market. Can Cau Saturday market is still well worth the visit if you want to see traditional people, excellent food & shop till you drop!

After my visit to Can Cau Saturday market I carried on my road trip to explore the Bac Ha Loop. This is a mountainous ride through villages and valleys. A superb scenic ride which is a perfect dreamy escape from life as you know it. Perch yourself at a viewpoint with a picnic and take in the amazing views!

A stunning little 1920’s building with a lot of charm and elegance even if slightly run down. With a French architects feel to it and wonderful style, this is definitely worth the bike park fee to enter for a look round. Follow Simon and enjoy this unique looking building in Bac Ha. Bac Ha Palace!


Probably the only complete run through of Bac Ha market anywhere. Join Simon as he interacts with the local minority people of Bac Ha Market. Buying goods, chatting to sellers, eating amazing scrumptious food, this is the complete Bac Ha Market experience you do not want to miss!

Today I took a trip up Mt Fansipan using the tram & cable car. A very unique kind of travel on the brand new tram which connects the foot of Fansipan cable car ride to Sapa Town. The journey on the longest 3 cable car ride in the world is also a highlight of this wonderful ascent up Mt Fansipan, Vietnams highest mountain.

At the end of my Sapa 2020 series I took a sleeper bus during the day from Sapa town to Hanoi and beyond to Nam Dinh. A sleeper bus during the day is a far better experience than the regular night backpacker sleeper buses which are a terrible service. This day sleeper bus had impeccable service unlike the tourist bus.


Starting our Vietnam Cooking Series with a unique dish which is usually unknown to tourists on their visit to Vietnam. Stuffed tofu in a tomato sauce is a delightfully fresh dish which will look great on any dinner table. Join Ngat and cook this wonderful tofu and tomato dish Vietnamese style in your own home. It’s a stylish dish which can be adapted for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Ngat cooks a wonderful treat local Vietnam Village style! 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls are a delightful dish often frequenting any Vietnamese family dinner table. With a whole host of varieties to choose from, Ngat has decided to cook Vietnamese Spring Rolls 3 ways. Follow along and make some of the most delicious food in Vietnams history. With vegetarian & vegan options available, along with pork and shrimp styles. This is one true Vietnamese dish you do not want to miss out on. 

Vietnamese Pho Bo is a traditional Beef soup & breakfast dish originating from North Vietnam. With white rice noodles, plenty of vegetables, beef strips and a gorgeous tasty broth. Vietnamese Pho Bo is eaten by millions of Vietnamese every morning starting in the early hours. Filling local Vietnamese people up until lunch time and beyond. This is the one dish you must not pass up on when cooking from home Vietnam style.

If you have a passion for spare ribs and love cooking with them. This is the dish to try today. With a stunning set of unique ingredients and cooking over a wood fire, this dish is one of our family favourites here in Vietnam.

Cooking Pork ribs the Vietnam way brings out so many different flavours. Cooked with quail eggs, coconut copra and juices. Together they bring this amazing dish to life & can be done so in your own kitchen today with Ngat.

Bo La Lot, or to call it by its full name Thit Bo Nuong La Lot is a traditional Vietnamese snack eaten all over Vietnam.

A BBQ treat for you and your friends while catching up, watching the football and having a few beers, or for a light lunch with family.

Join Ngat in her front garden as she walks you through cooking this delightful BBQ Vietnamese dish. Watch out for the amazing tasty dressing at the end.

Bun Bo Nam Bo is probably the most sought after Vietnamese dish in Hanoi. One of the best restaurants in the old quarter of Hanoi serves a great Bun Bo Nam Bo for around 65,000 VND.

Here, Ngat makes this dish look every bit as tasty and more, than the dish in Hanoi.

Check out this dish and serve yourself up a truly amazing Beef salad with the best tasty dressing in Vietnam.


Join Simon & his family as they travel on the overnight sleeper train from Hanoi to Hue. Travelling through Vietnam by overnight. sleeper train is one experience you must not miss!

Today we will show you the very best beach in Hue while staying at this wonderful beach front resort in Hue. The resort and facilities are top notch & you feel like a 5 star guest. Watch out for the breakfast, it is magnificent!

Join me on a unique trip around Hue City in Vietnam with my very own private English speaking tour guide. This delightful city brings up many surprises, watch till the end to see the best!

If you are a foodie & there is one video you must watch today, then it has to be this one! Beach Seafood at Thuan An in Hue, Vietnam. Amazing food, service and location! Watch Simon and his family eat the best seafood in Hue! 

This is definitely a beach resort to remember. With amazing beach front villas, some with their own private pool. This has to be a contender for your next holiday to Vietnam in 2021 or 2022. The beach is the best in Hue too!

Do you always want to see something different on your holiday & also away from the crowds? This off the beaten path trip to see the ghost city of An Bang will do just that. This is one trip you do not want to miss!

We all work hard for a living and you are celebrating that hard work by taking a holiday to Vietnam. But, there are some people who work harder than others and for very little reward…these guys are just that.

A walk around the best market in Hue can bring you many delights. The amount of items you can haggle for is immense and the food…well, watch until the end to see some of the best food in Hue eaten right inside the local market in Hue.

This has to be the eeriest place in Hue City. Take a walk around the chilling grounds of this amazing abandoned waterpark in Hue & explore how nature has taken over the whole park. It’s an eye opener!

The best Food in Hue is no doubt an understatement and could be said the best food in Vietnam. Join us for dinner and see what amazing tasty dishes Hue and Vietnam have to offer!

The Hai Van Pass by train is the most amazing train ride you will ever take in Vietnam. Watch the train snake behind you as you drool over the coastal scenery! Travel on the famous Hai Van Pass by train. 

Taking a walk along the best beach in Danang could last all day, it is that long. But the spacious beach here is so amazing you will not need to walk anywhere…simply relax on the white soft powdery sand and enjoy the sun!

Is Grab working in Danang? They sure do but do you know they offer Grab motorbike taxis here in Vietnam too? Take a short ride around Danang and get a feel for a ride around town by Grab taxis! Prices so cheap you could see the Danang on a shoestring!

Danang is a great place to try central Vietnam food. The Danang restaurants we came across had great vibes & feel to them. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. They both served excellent tasty local Vietnam dishes. Do not miss this!

Starting with an exhilarating cable car ride up to a magnificent scenic view of Danang and Bach Ma National Park. A huge complex of beauty, scenic wonder, ancient French village and the most famous structure in central Vietnam, The Golden Bridge.

Perched on the top overlooking the sea at the Son Tra peninsular is the unmistakeable beauty and elegance of Lady Buddha Danang. This beautiful white statue in Danang has stunning views over the city. Along with beautiful gardens & Linh Ung pagoda, this is a definite addition to your Danang Bucket List.

One of the most exhilarating rides of your life. Riding the Hai Van pAss by motorbike is one on many bike riders bucket lists around the world. Made famous by Top Gear many years ago, the scenery has not changed and is as beautiful as ever. Ride along with Simon now!

Join the amazing journey along the Hai Van pass by train from Danang to Lang Co beach and watch over the cliffs and stunning views below. An exciting train journey over the Hai Van Pass is one for all the family. Join Simon, Ngat and Will Minh and explore this beauty together.


Living in Vietnam normally brings up a few surprises. But the locals at this Vietnam village experience an Englishman walking his Golden Retriever…not your normal average day in the rice fields!!

Gardening Vietnamese Style is the first video in our Vietnam Village Life series. Over the coming weeks we will be showing how the Vietnamese take care of their gardens. Today we follow Ngat & watch as she prepares her garden ready for her vegetables.

Living in Vietnam & in the local countryside offers some amazing cycling routes. Cycling through the Vietnam villages is an eye opener for the Vietnamese as I speed through their village!


This was top of my bucket list for Vietnam years ago when I went backpacking around Vietnam. Riding the rowing boat through the mangrove forest with the green leaves floating alongside you is amazing!

If you are a shopaholic, then Ben Thanh market os perfect for a days shopping in Ho Chi Minh City. Selling everything from backpacks to Durian cakes and offering some of the best Vietnamese street food.

This waterfall situated near Buon Ma Thout is a well off the beaten path waterfall you should check out. Mainly visited by Vietnamese and plenty of areas to swim in too. Cool waters & amazing falls.

If you want to see the REAL Sapa, do not opt for the budget group tours. With an off the beaten path experience with your own private tour guide. You can explore the best rice terraces in peace with only local minorities to see and talk to. 

One of the best activities to do in Vietnam is to go Kayaking in Halong Bay. Kayak through caves and in to blue lagoons with amazing natural life all around you on the spectacular limestone peaks. Go off the beaten path & kayak with a unique Halong Bay cruise.

Hiking through the minority villages of Sapa is a wonderful experience. The local tribes with the cutest minority children of Sapa are lovely to meet and chat to. The kids in Sapa play happily in the hay and not an iPhone in sight!


Enjoy a unique way to see Hanoi by motorbike taxi and walking through the old quarter. Explore the amazing Hanoi in one day with us and follow Simon on his journey.

We all know the problems we all face during 2020 for travelling to Vietnam. But, post covid Vietnam travel for 2021 or even 2022 is around the corner. Check out our amazing Vietnam package tours now!

The best view over Halong bay is by seaplane, without a shadow of a doubt! Join the flight from Hanoi or take a scenic flight over Halong Bay for 25 minutes. You will be blown away with the stunning scenery!